Friday, January 04, 2013

Its already year 2013,am back into own world of blogging. These three years have been full of adventures & fullfillment. My daughter is 3years 4months old. I have been in UAE totaly 6yrs. Life has changed lots from a bahcelor to married family guy. I hope to keep posting my updates and  fullfiling DreamZ unlimited !!!
Allah you have truely been my support . Allah ka Shukriya.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year !

You are the best thing that happened to me in 2009, am greatful to Allah.
Sanam, You are very cute , Mashallah!
Your Dad loves you the most !
You are my happiness.
Allah Keep you healthy & happy.
SW, You are Very Sweet ,Mashallah!
Your Hubby loves you lottt!
You are my strength.
Allah Keep you healthy & happy.

Wish you both a Happy New Year 2010.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Feeling Love

Love is really an immense feeling that flows like flooded river, the more you corner it the more it over flows. I’ve been feeling some much love for SW, she’s truely a gem.

I love her innocent feeling, every morning cooing at me, getting into my shoulders & sleeping like a baby. I like her smell when she’s done with bathing, her hair flowing down with dripping water drop by drop .

She’s a princess in her land, always feels the best will be hers. I can feel her charm when she’s doing make up to impress all. But princess you are so charming without make up the glow on your face tell that.

Her desire for small things fill my heart & pocket (smiles), likes very few things that are different. I learnt from my past experience that she likes to hug me when I am driving a two wheeler. Also her obsession for water surrounded places, I’ve seen her dripping in
Canal water flowing over her body, I can’t tell she looks more gorgeous.

The love we share for each other is something so deeply connected. When she has called my name, a strange love wave flows from her heart to mine. We’ve been connecting with each other in all tastes.

As saying goes, Beauty lies in beholder’s eye. But internal beauty is what seen by everyone. SW you are simply rocking & I’ve always loved you, will love you till I die.

Yours truly,
Hiddu – loving Hubby

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Building Nest

Part - 1
i've wanted to created a nest of my own loved ones.
Here's a story of a bird Heeru, once upon a time a bird-Heeru flew long boundries. It went through lots of troubles, it faced harsh climate, rough wind & strom on its way. Heeru drenched in rain sat on a corner of a house thinking " this storm will end & sunshine will come" . Finaly the bad day was over, sun rose to shower its warmth. The wind felt cool , mountains , trees & river looked so beautiful. Heeru went on to sit on maple tree which had pale pink & golden leaves, Grass on the tree bed was lush green, river roared hurriedly. Heeru gathered some twigs & leaves to weave its nest. Then came a birdy - senora
she sat on the other side of branch watching heeru. She was impressed by Heeru's built & sharp manly features. Heeru flew from branch to branch collecting gum & twigs, Suddenly bumped into Senora . "She's so beautiful " uttered Heeru. Her eyes & smell of her hair are amazing. It was a love first at sight. Heeru said " Love you Senuu" Senora uttered " Love you Jaan Heeru". Both were in love so much , they forgot all boundries & loved imessenly. Both felt love is devine.
Soon Senora-Heeru lived togeather happily.
Heeru went fetching food & delicious insects which senora loved to eat. Senora waited whole day, finaly when heeru came, she used to make faces at him saying ' I missed you darling' . Heeru hurriedly put all food stuff kissed senora. They ate merrily. One day senora felt ill, they both went to nearby birdy-Doc Chaatura . Chaatura exmined senora said to Heeru " You'l soon have little ones". Heeru - Senora both were very happy. They could not express happiness, only tears that fell could tell their story.

To be continued,,,,,,,,

Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally an Angel Arrived

It was an early rainy morning in Hassan I drove to the hospital, SW had been admitted a day before. We both were mentally prepared for this event on Sep 3 finally. The doc came & called SW at 8.30 into Labor room. The Doc came out coolly and informed me that there are no chances of normal delivery & told all staff to get ready for the C-section. They took her to OT at 9.15, my heart was beating fast. It took at least ½ hr to begin operation, I became impatient & couldn’t control on my tears. I cannot forget the endless wait to hear baby cry. Finally the nurse & doc came out with a beautiful angel.
I am still amazed how nature can duplicate our features on our children. She has mixture of SW & my features. We all cried & enjoyed the moment. Soon SW was shifted to our ward. She was unconscious for an hour. Later when I showed her our baby she was very happy & cried. All cries were for happiness. May our child be healthy & happy always.
I always loved her since conception & will always love her till I live. Its wonderful feeling to be dad. I’ve known how responsible it is to be father. Thank you Allah for blessing us with this angel. Thank you very much.

BTW her name is SANAM SHARIFF ( Sanam means Darling ), Daadu always loves Sanam (Sannu) .

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Feeling for the unborn , the new change

Life has wanted to change for a long time. New relationships blossom, new world is formed, new ambience is created, its really awesome to refresh myself in the new breeze that’s going to change my course of life.

Eventually I’ve got a new beginning after marriage, my wife being a fresh breeze of life.
The baby who is on its way, the most anticipated life experience is going to happen.
I’ll cherish that moment for ever. I sometimes feel, am going to loose my identity what I am today turning into a father, thinking & making life easy for the growing one & family.
So I will be Mr. Family man next, I used to be a boy, a guy, a husband –Love & now accepting forthcoming event I’ll be a new person again.

I really wonder how that life is going to be, where I have love & happiness of the new born. I certainly can’t see myself being born but can experience the feeling my father would have felt when I was born. It’s really good to be grateful to my parents for bringing me into this world & showing me how to lead in this cruel world.

I would also teach my baby to sail into the ocean of life, should I? Teach a fish’s newborn to swim no right . I hope the baby will be twinkling star in our eyes. I wish our baby will bring more love & happiness in our lives. We being ONE small family unit, would take can tide coming our way.

Just waiting for that moment, anticipating & loving to be a happy father.

To my loving 8 months unborn baby, Love u darling. You keep waiting for your dad to hold you in his hands & cuddle you .

Love & cheers,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Baby Shopping !

We are about 6-8 weeks before parenthood, its time to go for baby shoping.On an evening weekend i ventured into Marina Mall on Corniche. Its a pleasent experiance to see the liltle ones with momy holding Pram or dads holding baby so that mom can shop.I went to Carefourr kids zone, where i shopped newborn clothes 8 peices varying in colors, then went looking for baby blanket & socks. Later took a quick meal from IKEA food court, went to IKEA Child's section. One can see variety of things from simple to complete furnished stuffs for your kid. I am amazed by their collection. Its realy easy for parents to look into what they want in onestore. I brought BARNSEL (Pure Cotten cloth), bibs for feeds & Cloth toys. They have a fable ( to tie on the crib) with snake pattern which i din't like, have to find on diifernt store. Completely filled with joy called up SW to tell her about our new possesions she was extremely happy.

So its a awesome experiance for first time dad to do this shopping for my will-be-born-soon.
SW Update : She's now 30th week & feeling better from Nusea. She's ready with baby belongings whichmama brought for anytime emergency kit. Am very happy for you SW you've done a good job.