Points To Remember...YOU CAN WIN By Shiv Khera

A courteous person, who is not very sharp in life, will go much further than a sharp, discourteous person.

Professionals realize, that in life, results are rewarded, efforts are not. We judge ourselves by our intentions, but the world judges us by our actions.

We forget to distinguish between what’s urgent and what’s important. Urgent may or may not be important and the reverse is just as true. But whenever we ignore what’s important, it converts into urgent.


DreamZ2Fulfill!!! Captured
I always wanted to be independent emotionally,financially & spiritually. These three things comes with lots of hardwork, commitment & perseverance. Travel a lot & see whats next life has to offer.
Emotionally..i mean i want have a simple happy family life with no obligations in relationships. Those people who suck your life out  be gone forever. Those nutcases who want you to be down always, shown door out of your life. Those people who love you unconditionally may be friends, relatives will remain and be part of your journey. I want to enjoy spend time with such positive people & cherish this lifetime. Feel free to love & to be loved.
Financially.. DreamZ2Fulfill!!! is to be an entrepreneur one day, run my own company of goodwill. That company has to generate goodwill, revenue & become inspiration for new startups. Core product might be technical or non technical. I want to learn how businesses are condu…
All famous people had a start with. Pin your dreams & start on the journey. Share your dreams to accomplish. Let us understand what you want to achieve, what it takes to fulfill your dream !!. Make your dream come true. Share your experience.  Inspire everyone.
" What are your dreams ? Lets try to understand thought process of your dreams. If you dream big then have faith to fullfill one. I have done.You have every right to live your dream" . Share your DreamZ here !